Bookstagram Recap

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‘It’s Bookstagram recap time!’ Miguel proclaimed nonchalantly, as if he had ever done this before.

I meant to post this yesterday, but I got carried away with the 25 Bookish Facts about Me and, well… the important thing is that this is finally here!

This will be a section I will *try* to publish every Sunday, showing all the pictures I’ve been posting on Instagram and talking a bit about them. If you want to follow me, I’m @Miguel_Morell.

On to the recap!

Last week was a slow one. I couldn’t post every day, and most of the photos are from my holidays. The good news is, I bring you plenty of photos from beautiful, sunny Granada!


Posted on Monday the 5th of September

This beautiful restaurant, Ladrillo II, was right next to the house we rented. They had very good quality food at ridiculously low prices—only 9€ for a three-course meal! The decoration couldn’t be more Granadian: here you can see the typical blue and white tiles and the multiple tools that have characterised our life for centuries. There is even a picture of the Alhambra in the background!


Posted on Wednesday the 7th of September

This is just one of the many naves from the astonishing Cathedral of Granada. It was one of the first Renaissance buildings ever to have been built. In this picture you can see the detail with which artists like Diego de Siloé and Alonso Cano represented a number of religious motifs.


Posted on Thurday the 8th of September

Here you can see one of the many shops that spread across the Carrera del Darro, close to Plaza Nueva. What I really love about these is how many lights there are, and how colourful they are. They are particularly fascinating by night, when you can clearly see the countless colours shining in the dark.


Posted on Saturday the 10th of September

I took this photo just before leaving. This is the terrace we had on the house we rented. The view from there was amazing, and even more impressive by night! We could even see the Alhambra from there! We spent many nights there, chatting over a cup of tea while we gazed at the stars.


Posted on Sunday the 11th of September

It’s Sock Sunday! And to celebrate, here’s a picture of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child along with Slytherin and Gryffindor socks. I am a Ravenclaw myself, but I like to spice it up sometimes! I love these Hogwarts socks, they look so good! Maybe one day I will do a giveaway of those…

That’s all! I’m sorry that most of these pictures were from my holidays, but I couldn’t help myself! Granada is just too beautiful…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these! 😀


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