Bookstagram Recap #2


Good morning, lovely bookaholics! This week was a hectic one, which saw us reaching a few milestones together! It has also been the week that saw me turn 28—it’s only two years more before I start getting my midlife crisis! But all of these did not deter me from posting assiduously on Instagram (you can find me as @miguel_morell). Let’s see what I’ve been up to this week!


Posted on Monday the 12th of September

Isn’t it lovely? This is what the children’s department in Blackwell’s look like! They have so many lovely things, from Paddington teddy bears to Harry Potter audio books. Every time I go past it, I have to stop and stare, trying to find out if they have included anything new!


Posted on Thursday the 15th of September

This is a beautiful illustrated edition of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings I bought a long time ago in Edinburgh. I started reading the TLotR trilogy a long time ago—when I was 13, if memory serves. Ever since that moment, these books have been a constant companion, and a big influence on my own work.

I’m also lucky enough to live in Oxford, the city where Tolkien wrote these books! If any of you ever comes to Oxford, I can take you for a pint to the Eagle & Child, the pub where the Inklings used to meet!


Posted on Friday the 16th of September

What can I tell you about the Discworld that I haven’t told you yet? I even recommended them to you that same day! These are the spines of the Gollancz collection, one of the most beautiful editions of any YA book I have ever seen. They even look gorgeous on my shelves! Don’t believe me! Well, let me prove it to you…


Posted on Saturday the 17th of September

For my birthday, I took a picture of one of my bookshelves. This is what my fantasy and YA shelves look like! Didn’t I tell you that those Discworld novels look amazing next to each other? You can probably see some of the other books I usually talk about, like The Kingkiller Chronicle (notice that The Slow Regard of Silent Things is conspicuously absent…) and the Dragonlance. Volume 7 of Harry Potter is also absent because I’m currently perusing it!


Posted on Sunday the 18th of September

And that brings us up to today, #SockSunday! These are the beautiful covers of The Kingkiller Chronicle, a saga that produces such complex feelings in me that I feel I couldn’t do them justice unless I do a very extensive review. Once again, notice that The Slow Regard of Silent Things is nowhere to be seen…

That has been my week in Bookstagram! I hope you liked these pictures, and that you’re enjoying this little section. Have a delightful and very enjoyable Sunday!


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