Bookstagram Recap #4


Happy Sock Sunday! How are you doing in this very nice day? Are you getting any writing done? As you know, it’s Sunday—and that means Bookstagram Recap! This time we have very colourful pictures of books, and an extra surprise…

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Let’s get into it!


Here, have an Andalusian flag in books! It’s not perfect, but I quite like the contrast between white and green. It’s also quite surprising how few fantasy or young adult books there are with white covers and spines!


This time I went for something that looked a bit fiery! I also tried to play with the filters so that it would give the impression of a fire, but I’m not quite sure I succeeded on that count. I still quite like how it turned out, though!


This picture is supposed to mark the passage from dusk to dawn, the dark midnight sky transition into the pale blue of the morning. It’s also quite appropriate that most of these books have stars in their spines!


It arrived! It finally arrived! This is Jenna’s Truth, by Nadia L. King—if you’re not following her yet, I recommend you do it now! I’m halfway through it, but I’ll save all the juicy information for a future review.


Guess what day it is! I’m quite like about how this #SockSunday photo turned out, the yellow and orange hues are very pleasing to the eye. I may not be a Hufflepuff, but I quite like the way their socks look!


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