NaNoWriMo Progress!


Good morning, my lovely bookaholics! As you can see, I am working very hard into my NaNoWriMo novel! Today’s post is a short one, just to let you know how I’m doing at day 10, which is a third of the way into the whole project. As you can see, I have passed the 20,000 mark! Yay me! But these past few days I have been exhausted and couldn’t write that much… hopefully I’ll energise over the weekend and will be able to regain the rhythm I started with!

And remember—soon enough I will be doing the Title Reveal, Cover Reveal, and maybe I will even be showing the main characters, as drawn by Hellyon White! And around December, when the work is done and the editing is finished, this book will be available as an e-book for free!

I have also created a Facebook page to keep you all updated with everything that happens in my blog 🙂 you can follow it by clicking here.


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