Friday Book Share #8


It’s been quite a while since my last blog post! I’m so sorry, Christmas is getting too stressful to get any time off 😦 but here I am again! And you know what time it is…?

It’s #FridayBookShare time! This is a tag created by Shelley Wilson which helps us recommend books to our friends.

Do you want to join in? That’s easy! Just complete the following for a book of your choosing:

First line of the book.

Recruit fans by adding the book blurb.

Introduce the main character using only three words.

Delightful design (add the cover image of the book).

Audience appeal (who would enjoy reading this book?)

Your favourite line/scene.

So what book do I have in store today?


Most people may know Kurt Vonnegut from his classic Slaughterhouse-Five. That isn’t, however, the only brilliant book he has written. Cat’s Cradle may arguably be an even better novel—at the very least, it’s a very different one! Funny anecdote: the University of Chicago had turned down Kurt Vonnegut’s master’s thesis about the universal shape of all stories, but eventually awarded him a master’s degree in anthropology thanks to this novel.

First line of the book

Call me Jonah. My parents did, or nearly did. They called me John.

Recruit fans by adding the book blurb

Dr Felix Hoenikker, one of the founding ‘fathers’ of the atomic bomb, has left a deadly legacy to the world. For he’s the inventor of ‘ice-nine’, a lethal chemical capable of freezing the entire planet. The search for its whereabouts leads to Hoenikker’s three ecentric children, to a crazed dictator in the Caribbean, to madness. Felix Hoenikker’s Death Wish comes true when his last, fatal gift to humankind brings about the end, that for all of us, is nigh…

Introduce the main character using only three words.

John — Victim of fate.

Delightful design


Audience appeal

This is mostly a science fiction novel, but the plot is so clever and the society of San Lorenzo so well developed that any reader would have great pleasure reading it. The religion of Bokononism is absolutely hilarious, and the ending is majestic. I would recommend this book to literally everyone.

Your favourite line/scene

“If I were a younger man, I would write a history of human stupidity; and I would climb to the top of Mount McCabe and lie down on my back with my history for a pillow; and I would take from the ground some of the blue-white poison that makes statues of men; and I would make a statue of myself, lying on my back, grinning horribly, and thumbing my nose at You Know Who.”


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