Introducing Alba! #SirenSong


Illustration by Hellyon White 2017


Age: 16
Height: 1’54 m
Weight: 47 kg

Siren Gift:
Emerald Ankle Bracelet

Likes: Gardening, playing with dolls, fancy dresses, Lux
Dislikes: Anything and anyone that stands in Lux’s way

In SirenSong‘s chapter 2 we met Alba, Lux’s youngest sister, as she danced through the fields to bring a new harvest. She is the owner of the Emerald Ankle Bracelet, which grants its user dominion over nature and vegetation. Because of this power, the whole kingdom of Aurea depends on Alba for sustenance.

She is, however, the least politically inclined of all her siblings. As far as Lux can remember, Alba has never shown any emotion, wearing always a blank, expresionless mask on her face. It is only during periods of exceptional emotional duress that she reveals her true feelings—with a slight tremble or an almost imperceptible twitch of the eye.

It is unknown whether Alba thinks much of her father or her other siblings (other than Stella, whose books she frequently borrows), but she admires and idolizes Lux. Unable as she is of feeling very strong emotions, she wishes for the time when will feel as passionately and intensely about life as Lux does.

In the meantime, she is more than happy to stand by her sister’s side and help her fulfil all her dreams, being the voice of reason in a world that seems to be going insane…


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