Introducing Stella! #SirenSong


Illustration by Hellyon White 2017


Age: 25
Height: 1’62 m
Weight: 41 kg

Siren Gift:
Lapis Lazuli Diadem

Likes: Books, playing with magic, her family
Dislikes: Untidiness, unreasonable people

Chapter 3 of SirenSong introduced Lux’s older sister, Stella. As the librarian of Aurea, she keeps every book of the underwater kingdom in her dome-shaped home, which she rarely leaves.

The power of her diadem confers the ability to control the air. It is this power that keeps the waters at bay and permits life in Aurea. If she were to stop using her magic for even one second, the waters would flood the kingdom and destroy everything within.

Because of this, Stella can’t even allow herself to fall asleep. To ensure that that doesn’t happen, the Sirens gave her a concoction that keeps her constantly awake. Although she’s grateful for this, having to stay vigilant at all times has taken a toll on her, making her body thin and weak.

Loving and caring as she is, she never lets her family to worry about her state. She carries her responsibility with a smile, even when she’s hurting. Unable to sleep or leave her home, all she does is read all day, every day…


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3 thoughts on “Introducing Stella! #SirenSong

      1. I added those details to my cheatsheet so I had a reference for when I was describing them, and since I’m doing character profiles I thought I would share them 🙂 yes, Stella has some real issues! One of the themes of this novel is how living in this kingdom is affecting people negatively in ways that are not as obvious as other dystopian young adult novels.


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