Introducing Gaius! #SirenSong


Illustration by Hellyon White 2017


Age: 20
Height: 1’78 m
Weight: 65 kg

Siren Gift:
Topaz Bracelet

Likes: Drinking, conversing, love-making
Dislikes: Privilege, snobbishness, arrogance

The first mention in SirenSong of Gaius is in chapter 1, when Lux remarks that no-one likes Gaius. Since he’s the butt of every joke and the target of many insults, one would expect him to be a rather dislikable man.

Until you get to meet him.

Lux herself, who had always disliked Gaius because of the fact that he had received a Siren Gift while she hadn’t, had to admit she had been too quick to judge him. Foul-mouthed and abrasive on the surface, he turned out to be a very tender and generous man… with those people he cares about, that is.

From a very early age, Gaius took to escaping from Aurea’s royal palace and into the city, where he got to meet the plebeians and learn from them. It wasn’t long before he decided that he preferred their company to that of the Patricians and his own family.

His main objective, now, is to lead the Aureans into the surface in order to improve their way of life—a dream which just happens to be closely intertwined with that of Lux’s…


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