Introducing Luna! #SirenSong


Illustration by Hellyon White 2017


Age: 28
Height: 1’80 m
Weight: 72 kg

Siren Gift:
Amethyst Ring

Likes: Patricians, wit, high-class dinners
Dislikes: Plebeians, vulgarity, Gaius

From her very first appearance in the prologue, Luna comes out as a ruthless enforcer of the law who will do anything to uphold the status quo.

Unlike Gaius, she doesn’t think that the proper way of helping Aureans is by mingling with the plebeians and solving their everyday problems. She has a top-bottom view of the world where the aristocracy plays a pivotal role: if the people in the higher positions are happy, money will flow into the city. Only then can it be invested in improving the citizens’ life.

Whether this makes her a more effective ruler than Gaius would ever be, or a sycophant who will stop at nothing to gain reputation and wealth, depends on your perspective of the problems that Aurea faces.

Her younger siblings, at any rate, don’t seem to hold her in the highest regard…


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