Introducing Sol! #SirenSong

Illustration by Hellyon White 2017


Age: 28
Height: 1’90 m
Weight: 90 kg

Siren Gift:
Ruby Ring

Likes:  Training, monotony, politics
Dislikes: Arrogance, surprises, Gaius

Sol was, after Lux, the first Aurean royal sibling to be introduced, and the one who irritates her the most. Being the stricter and the most severe, as well as the most prone to fits of anger, he’s Lux’s least favourite brother.

One could argue that he’s the one in charge of the tasks no one else wants to do. He trains the warriors that protect the royal family and the aristocracy, and he’s the one enforcing the law. Whether he likes these duties or not doesn’t mean that he’s any less efficient at them.

What makes him so unlikeable in the eyes of his younger siblings is his short temper and his fits of violence. What they don’t know is that he’s extremely ashamed of them and has a number of routines to keep his emotions in check.

Whatever his faults may be, he does care about his family more than they know…


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