Introducing Nox! #SirenSong


Illustration by Hellyon White 2017


Age: 31
Height: 1’85 m
Weight: 120 kg

Siren Gift:
Sapphire Necklace

Likes:  ???
Dislikes: ???

Nox was once a great man and a kind brother. Sol and Luna looked up to him, Stella adored him, and Lux thought of him as a role model.

But then, one day, he left for the surface.

By the time he returned, he was not himself. He had torn his own hair off and bruised his body all over. Suffering from what has come to be known as the Siren’s Plague, he stopped being able to form coherent sentences and started spending all his time doing nothing but eating and crying.

No one knows what the Siren’s Plague is or why all the people who tried to leave for the surface suffer it. Whether there is any way to cure it is an even bigger mystery.

But his siblings don’t forget Nox. Despite falling victim to a terrible illness, they still look after him, in the hopes that one day he will come back…


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