SirenSong – The End

This is it. The epic tale of Lux as she struggles to learn more about the surface and the many secrets that her family hides has come to an end. It was only thanks to her relationship with her siblings and her courage that she freed her people from the abyssal captivity they had been in for the last two hundred years. And now, it’s time for her reward.


But is this the end of her story? Who knows… Keep posted for some more surprises in the near future!

In the meantime…



One thought on “SirenSong – The End

  1. Amanda Molas

    Whoa, time flies! I’m so happy for you that you got to put the whole novel out there. Congratulations, it’s an amazing work, seriously. I will now proceed to sit right here, staring at you, until you give me more sibling adventures. WRITE FASTER, YOU.

    PS. Read Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings!!!



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