25 Bookish Facts about Me


Have you ever stopped to think, Who is Miguel? How much do I know about this man? Is there any way in which I could possibly get to know him better? Maybe you wished there was some quick reference post where you could learn more about this fascinating person, some way of reading some facts about the man himself.

Chances are you never did, but you’re getting it all the same!

  1. I am a Ravenclaw. I have discussed this in the past, but I’m really proud about the fact!img_20160423_093122
  2. My favourite genre is Fantasy. If you had a look through my shelves, you’d see that most of my books are fantasy!
  3. I also write Fantasy. Right now I have a few projects in progress: a fantasy/comedy trilogy, a horror/fantasy trilogy, and a fantasy/sci-fi one-shot based on the mythologies and culture of Africa and the Pacific.
  4. My favourite fantasy sagas are Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, A Song of Ice and Fire, Discworld, and The Kingkiller Chronicle. With the obvious exception of The Slow Regard of Silent Things, of course.
  5. My first ‘proper’ books were crime and historical fiction. Mainly Agatha Christie and Arturo Perez-Reverte, though I also very fondly remember a saga based on medieval Japan called Taiko, by Eiji Yoshikawa. Maybe that’s where my love for Japan stemmed from!
  6. I work as a bookseller at one of the biggest and best bookshops in the world: Blackwell’s, in Oxford.
  7. During my teenage years, I had a crush on Emily Brönte. And I’m not ashamed of it!
  8. I think the finest writers to ever live are all South American. Namely, Jorge Luis Borges as the finest short story writer; Pablo Neruda as the finest poet; and Julio Cortázar and Gabriel García Marquez as the finest novelists.
  9. I took an Undergraduate’s Degree in English Studies. This included both English linguistics and literature. That is why I can sometimes get a bit academically boring!
  10. I also dabble in academia. So far I have published three academic papers, and will be giving a conference on the 26th of October at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
  11. I’m currently re-reading the Harry Potter saga. I’m already halfway through The Half-Blood Prince! Go me!
  12. I am a bookstagrammer. And I love it! I did write very recently about itimg_20160603_104958
  13. I prefer female protagonists. It is a refreshing change from most of the fiction written before the 80s…
  14. Most of my main characters are female. And in the few cases where they are not the main character, they are secretly the ones who are driving the plot forward.
  15. I am fascinated by the myth of the Apocalypse. No matter if it is retold in the format of a novel, a poem, a song or a game, it holds a particular allure for me. You can probably tell by that story I published last month
  16. I have met Philip Pullman and Simon Tolkien in person. Isn’t it exciting!?
  17. I own ridiculous amounts of Harry Potter merchandise. I may or may not have been defined as ‘a conspicuous consumer’…
  18. I love songs inspired by books. Some examples would be Angra’s Wuthering Heights, Sonata Arctica’s Black Sheep, Nightwish’s Edema Ruh
  19. I have read more books in English than in Spanish. Many more. Which is surprising, since Spanish is my mother tongue.
  20. The villain I hate the most is Dolores Umbridge. No other characters have made me dread their appearance in a book more than her.
  21. I loved The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, but I hated The Hobbit. More on that coming later!
  22. I am part of two writing groups: Writers in Oxford and The Oxford Writing Circle. They’re great fun, you get to meet some fascinating people, and the feedback you get is very valuable!
  23. The book I like the least is The Slow Regard of Silent Things, although you probably know that by now…
  24. My biggest dream is to live off my writing. Not very original, I know, but it’s something I feel very strongly about.
  25. I love writing this blog, and every single one of my lovely readers!


That was fun! I would love if you took this test too, so that I can get to know you better! Please comment with a link to your blog post and I will read it and comment it! 😀

21 thoughts on “25 Bookish Facts about Me

  1. Thank you for sharing! It is a nice way to get know you 😀 I am Ravenclaw too *high five* fantasy is actually my least fav genre but after reading Lunar Chronicless, I found myself getting into fantasy genre lately. I have the same dream: live off my writing! Hope we can achieved that! 😀

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  3. tyaaoli

    It is nice to read a pretty similar profile to mine! Except I read more often in French… (I am to slow in English and I think it is a little bit complicated or I have found the good book yet…)
    I looked for a good blog about books and I think I found it… I am going to read more topics!

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      1. laetitia

        I am discovering wordpress and I haven’t written a good topic yet. But when I will be ready with some interesting topics you will be welcoming 🙂

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  4. Ack! Despise Umbridge. I read all the HP books as they came out. I have the CD’s and listen to them when I go to sleep, except for the one with Umbridge. I listen to that one when I’m painting, so I can fast forward her out of the story. I do that with characters I don’t like. I simply delete them by skipping the pages they’re on. I refuse to acknowledge them. LOL It’s true. I cut them out of the stories.

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