Book Review – L’évangile selon Satan


It’s been a long, long time since I last wrote a book review, but funnily enough, very much like the last one I wrote about, this one also has todo with the Vatican and the election of a new Pope. I guess this is who I am now…

To make things even more peculiar, this is a book that, as far as I can tell, is not even available in English. I have searched high and low on the internet for an English translation, but there seems to be none. The mystery deepens!

That, along with the morbid nature of the book (it’s called The Gospel of Evil or The Gospel According to Satan, depending on the translation) and the violence contained within its pages, accounts for a very interesting read indeed…

Do you want to come with me and discover the mysteries this book has to unravel? I can’t guarantee your safety along the way…

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The YA Book Prize (UK)


Good morning, everyone!! Were you aware that it’s contest time!?

I have recently received a notification from The Bookseller (a website I definitely recommend to all bookworms) about a wonderful new contest that is in the works. I know the announcement comes a little bit late, but I didn’t get it myself until a few days ago! And if you have some interesting YA draft hanging somewhere, this could be your chance to showcase it 🙂

Want to know the bases and how to enter? Please do go on reading!

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Where Have I Been!?


Well well well — it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Hope you haven’t forgotten about me yet, because I’m back!

So what have I been up to? Quite a lot, actually! In these past few months, I left my bookselling job in Oxford to move to Barcelona, where I became a project manager at an international translation company.

Uncharacteristically enough, now I work on the medical devices division, coordinating clinics and labs with translators so that they can promote their products overseas. I’m saving lives, people!!

During my stay in Barcelona I have survived a terrorist attack (my office is really close to where it happened), a controversial referendum, a declaration of independence, and just generally a lot of noise on the streets. Who knew life in Barcelona would be so hectic!

As for my creative side, I’m happy to announce that I’m translating SirenSong into Spanish! Coming to your nearest bookshop earlier than you think 😉

I may also have another announcement to make, but that will come in time…

So how are you all? Did you miss me a lot? 🙂

SirenSong – The End

This is it. The epic tale of Lux as she struggles to learn more about the surface and the many secrets that her family hides has come to an end. It was only thanks to her relationship with her siblings and her courage that she freed her people from the abyssal captivity they had been in for the last two hundred years. And now, it’s time for her reward.


But is this the end of her story? Who knows… Keep posted for some more surprises in the near future!

In the meantime…


Introducing Nox! #SirenSong


Illustration by Hellyon White 2017


Age: 31
Height: 1’85 m
Weight: 120 kg

Siren Gift:
Sapphire Necklace

Likes:  ???
Dislikes: ???

Nox was once a great man and a kind brother. Sol and Luna looked up to him, Stella adored him, and Lux thought of him as a role model.

But then, one day, he left for the surface.

By the time he returned, he was not himself. He had torn his own hair off and bruised his body all over. Suffering from what has come to be known as the Siren’s Plague, he stopped being able to form coherent sentences and started spending all his time doing nothing but eating and crying.

No one knows what the Siren’s Plague is or why all the people who tried to leave for the surface suffer it. Whether there is any way to cure it is an even bigger mystery.

But his siblings don’t forget Nox. Despite falling victim to a terrible illness, they still look after him, in the hopes that one day he will come back…


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Introducing Sol! #SirenSong

Illustration by Hellyon White 2017


Age: 28
Height: 1’90 m
Weight: 90 kg

Siren Gift:
Ruby Ring

Likes:  Training, monotony, politics
Dislikes: Arrogance, surprises, Gaius

Sol was, after Lux, the first Aurean royal sibling to be introduced, and the one who irritates her the most. Being the stricter and the most severe, as well as the most prone to fits of anger, he’s Lux’s least favourite brother.

One could argue that he’s the one in charge of the tasks no one else wants to do. He trains the warriors that protect the royal family and the aristocracy, and he’s the one enforcing the law. Whether he likes these duties or not doesn’t mean that he’s any less efficient at them.

What makes him so unlikeable in the eyes of his younger siblings is his short temper and his fits of violence. What they don’t know is that he’s extremely ashamed of them and has a number of routines to keep his emotions in check.

Whatever his faults may be, he does care about his family more than they know…


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Introducing Luna! #SirenSong


Illustration by Hellyon White 2017


Age: 28
Height: 1’80 m
Weight: 72 kg

Siren Gift:
Amethyst Ring

Likes: Patricians, wit, high-class dinners
Dislikes: Plebeians, vulgarity, Gaius

From her very first appearance in the prologue, Luna comes out as a ruthless enforcer of the law who will do anything to uphold the status quo.

Unlike Gaius, she doesn’t think that the proper way of helping Aureans is by mingling with the plebeians and solving their everyday problems. She has a top-bottom view of the world where the aristocracy plays a pivotal role: if the people in the higher positions are happy, money will flow into the city. Only then can it be invested in improving the citizens’ life.

Whether this makes her a more effective ruler than Gaius would ever be, or a sycophant who will stop at nothing to gain reputation and wealth, depends on your perspective of the problems that Aurea faces.

Her younger siblings, at any rate, don’t seem to hold her in the highest regard…


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