7 Signs to Tell Booksellers Apart

There is a mysterious race living among us. They walk among us, communicate with us, replicate our emotions so well that we are tempted to believe they are one of us. No one knows whether they are aliens, cryptids, or plane-walkers. The one thing we know is that they are essentially, fundamentally different to us.

This enigmatic kind is known as booksellers.

What’s more: I’ll admit to being one of them.

We are everywhere. When you enter a bookshop, there we are. When you go into a library, there we are. When you go to a signing or a book launch of your favourite author, there we are. We look exactly like you, except for one little detail:

We have a lanyard around our necks.

We are one of the most elusive yet fascinating species in existence. Here is how to tell us apart.


Yes, this guy is actually me

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