My Favourite Twitter Account

As the head of the Philosophy department, I have had many chances to dabble in this most appealing field. One of the things I was shown while I still was a junior bookseller here was what has quickly become my favourite Twitter account: Kim Kierkegaardashian.

Those who have met me in person will know that I have a very… peculiar sense of humour. The kind of humour that appreciates the union of the pessimistic existentialism of Søren Kierkegaard with the vanity of Kim Kardashian. I know it’s not to everyone’s taste, and that not everyone will burst out laughing like I do, but I hope you will at least find them amusing!

And these are my favourite tweets:

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Re-reading Harry Potter

Good morning, lovely bookaholics!

Today, I’d like to talk about a wonderful—if rather unoriginal—topic: Harry Potter!


Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? Other than Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters, that is. Most people have either read the books or watched the movies, and discussing what Hogwarts or Ilvermorny house you belong to is a much more entertaining topic than going on about the weather. Among the writer’s groups I’m part of, there are few who don’t yearn to replicate J.K. Rowling’s success, regardless of their age or whether they actually like fantasy or not.

What is astounding is that so many people love and are so well-versed in what is often seen as children’s books. It seems like people will always keep talking about Harry PotterAfter all this time? Always—so what is it that keeps us so entranced?

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