Book Review – Conclave


My Robert Harris mania goes on! As if I hadn’t had enough of him after reading the Cicero trilogy, I have now read his latest title, Conclave. And it’s a pretty good one, y’all.

I find it funny that, coming from such a strongly Catholic country, I am so ignorant about most aspects of that faith. I had no idea what happened after a Pope died, or how a new one is elected. I’m not just talking about what we see in the news, but about all the nitty-gritty procedures that only the cardinals know about.

As always, Robert Harris proves to be a very elucidating man. Not only does he write novels that grip you and never let go, but he also lets his knowledge seep through his prose and inform his readers. Now I know much more about choosing a Pope than ever before!

But let’s discuss the novel itself, shall we?

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SirenSong Prologue!!


SirenSong is finally here…!!

… is what I would say if the book was ready. What is indeed ready, though, is the prologue to this grand subaquatic epic! If you’ve been following my SirenSong news and are curious about the story, then I would recommend giving it a read see what you think! Who knows? This could be your favourite book of 2017!

Would you like to be notified as soon as the book is ready? Then subscribe to this e-mail list and you’ll be the first to know! And remember, the book will be free to download 🙂

I would like to thank Hellyon White for doing all the illustrations (minus the map), including the cover and the portrait of Lux. She’s a real genius and has done wonders to bring the world of SirenSong to life!

ALSO!! If you’re reading this RIGHT NOW (20:00 UTC+00:00), you can go to Hellyon White’s livestream channel to see her drawing Alba, a character from SirenSong! I’m super excited to see how it turns out! 😀

Without further ado, here it is! The prologue!!

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Book Review – Norwegian Wood


I once had a girl or should I say she once had me…

Sorry, sorry, I’m getting carried away!

When 2017 started, a very important question popped into my head: what’s going to be my first book of the year? I looked at my shelves, and found a book that I bought a year ago and have since been meaning to read: Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood. A Japanese book based on a Beatles song? I had to read it. Plus, I had heard many people saying it’s a great book, so I could not help but give it a try.

What do I think about it? It may very well be one of the finest books I have ever read.

But don’t stand there, just sit anywhere…

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Today is a historical day. Today, I reached 1,000 followers! Can you believe that!? When I started this blog, half a year ago, I never though it would go this far! Thanks a lot to all of you, you’re all amazing people 🙂

It must be the year of landmarks, because I recently reached 5,000 followers on Twitter and am about to reach the same number on Instagram. Looks like The Life & Times of Miguel is taking off! :’D this could not come at a better time, since soon enough I will be publishing SirenSong for free, for all of you to read. That will be my way of saying thank you to all of you for being so amazing and supportive!

Thanks a lot, everyone. I could not have done it without you 🙂

SirenSong Map Reveal!


Are you excited about the release of SirenSong? I sure am! Right now I’m giving it the final touches, having some friends proofread bits and pieces, and generally make it look nice and presentable. In the meantime, however, you can take a look at the map of Aurea, the city where all the action takes place! I have also included a little passage from the second chapter which gives a little insight into this underwater kingdom.

Are you ready to take a look…?

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Book Review – The Year of the Hare

Year Hare.jpg

I don’t know how many among my readers have ever dabbled in Finnish literature. I, for one, can’t boast to have done it too often, with the exception of one author: Arto Paasilinna. Which is kind of crazy; I have grown up listening to Finnish music, I have watched a bunch of Finnish movies, and am generally in love with Finland. It was clear that I had to remedy this regrettable situation as soon as possible.

And that’s what I did.

Introducing The Year of the Hare.

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SirenSong Cover Reveal!!

Untitled design.png

Happy new year my lovely readers! Remember SirenSong, the novel I wrote last NaNoWriMo? You may recall my saying that Hellyon White would be drawing the cover. If you have seen any of her work, you will know how incredibly talented she is; from the very beginning, I was expecting this to be amazing. Well, we don’t have to wait any more—the work is done, and we are ready now to reveal it!

Are you as excited as I am about it? Let’s take a peek…

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